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BloodyAngel971 has started a donation pool!
353 / 1,000
Donate some :points: if you want to ^^

Commission info:

Icon : Open - Blinking • Closed - extras
Sketches : Open - head, shoulder up, cartoon, chibi, normal • Closed - full body, waist up
Chibi : Closed
Cartoon : Closed
Shoulder up : Closed
Waist up : Closed
Full body : Closed
Pixel : Closed

CV : OPEN - Mono pitch, duo pitch • Closed - English, tri pitch and up.
VcV Hiragana : OPEN •
VcV Romaji : Closed • Will open sometime (In a month or so)

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Tagged by :devpupuomena:


Here are the rules: 

1.) Choose one of your OCs, and he/she must answer them truthfully .

2.) Don't think and answer it like you would, but how your OC would... keep that in mind!!! ^.^

3.) The journal title should be "OC Interview Questionnaire" exactly.       

4.) When you're done, make sure to tag at least 5 different people.   

5.) Your OC doesn't have to be an UTAU, it can be any character that belongs to you and only you!!! ^.^

6.) The most important rule? Of course, have FUN with it and ENJOY yourself!!! ^.^

Little Misha by BloodyAngel971 (Like the only picture of her new design lol)

1.) What's your name, who are you, and how old are you?

Well... I go by the name Misha.. I.. I don't know how old I am but.. but I.. I think I am 2956 years old if I am correct.

2. ) Interesting! What species are you?

I...umm.. I'm neither an angel, human nor a demon.... It has been too long for me to remember what I am...

3.) Continuing on... what are your likes and dislikes?

I.. like... umm.. fluffy things and my friends... and strawberries... and sweets... OH!OH! and and cute things!
Dislikes? umm... Dirt.. I do not like to get dirt on my clothes.. even though it happens.. all the time....

4.) Awesome! Here's a VERY interesting question... do you have anyone special in your life currently? A crush? A lover?

A lover? Do you mean a person you love? But.. What type of love? I do love my best friend..

5.) Awww!!! ^.^ Do you love him/ her?

I.. I love her since she is my bestfriend. I.. I hope I did not misunderstand you.

6.) Here's an easy and classic question! What's your favorite color?! >.<

hmm.. Purple I think.. As it is the only colour I like to wear as it must has something to do with my past.

7.) What are your hobbies?! What do you like to do for fun, huh?!

Taking long walks.. an.. and be with my friends.. And and and cook! Even if I burn the food..

8.) Wow!!! ^.^ Do you have any special skills?! What are your special skills?!

Skills? hmm.. I can jump really high and glide in the air it like I was a bird. I am quiet fast and.. and.. people have told me that I have a voice of an angel ///A///...  Did I say I know the weak points just by looking at you?

9/10.) Maybe that's something I shouldn't of asked, here's your final two individual questions for today... do you have any pets and what is your dream for the future?

My old mouse.. Mister Nosey.. got lost a few years ago... so I have no pet since I swore I will find him.

The dream that I.. I am dreaming of.. is.. is find out who.. who I am.. and. and.. Stop being.. so shy and.. and.. cook food without burning it.

I tag
  • Mood: I Have To Pee


BloodyAngel971's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm 17 years old, and I like to draw, sing and my friends.
You can call me Akira c:
I don't realy like to write (say??) so much about me >.>''
I'm a utau and vocaloid user.


My DA/MMD familly:

Cousine: :iconthunderz13: ~ <3
My Waifu: :iconduekko: ~ <333
My daughter: :iconcowseat-pineapples: <33
My daughter : :iconsquishypika: <33

I adopted Cat Yami Adopt A Kitty Yami Blinky by tsunyandere ;v;

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